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Presto Pools has all the equipment needed to meet your pool recirculation, filtration, and cleaning needs.

Maintenance Equipment
Presto Pools has a wide range of maintenance items to help you maintain your pool.
  • Automatic Vacuums
  • Brushes/ Leaf Skimmers/ Manual Vacs
  • Thermometers
  • Maintenance item parts

Swimming Pool Covers (Summer & Winter)
  • Solar Blankets
  • Solar Blanket
  • Reel Systems
  • Winter Blankets
  • Safety Covers
  • Parts
    Presto Pools has an extensive parts section and a helpful staff that will work with you to determine and locate the parts needed, ranging from but not ending at:
    • Parts for Hayward/Jacuzzi/Pentair/Sta Rite
    • Parts for pumps/filters/heaters/vacs
    • Parts for your recirculating systems (skimmer baskets/ skimmer lids) new skimmers

    Keeping your pool safe, sparkling, and ready to enjoy is really very simple. Your pool will remain clean and algae free if you follow our basic guidelines.

    Every pool is different. In fact, so is the water that is used to fill pools. The only way to determine exactly what your pool needs is to take all the facts into consideration. Luckily, BioGuard is your best choice and BioGuard Dealers are the foremost experts when it comes to determining the needs of your pool and how to keep it clean, safe and fun to swim in.

    "A pool is for pleasure!"
    Thatís why BioGuard wants to help you care for your pool in the simplest, most effective way possible. So you spend your time enjoying it - not working on it.

    FREE Pool and Spa Water Testing
    - Professional water test by Certified BioGuard Water Technologist
    - Computer printout easy to follow instruction sheet.
    What is needed for water test?
    • aprox. 1L of water in a clean water bottle (come into store for free water sample bottle)
    • how does the water look? Is the water cloudy/milky/green/foamy/clear etc.?
    • if leaving sample to be picked up later leave name, address, phone number with sample
    • if it is your first water sample with us we need the dimensions of the pool or size of spa the water sample takes aprox. 5 min. for our in store staff to test.

    Why balance your Water?
  • Better Looking Water - Water that is out of balance may appear cloudy
  • Better Feeling Water - Unbalanced water feels uncomfortable on your eyes and skin
  • Protect Your Investment - Unbalanced water can damage equipment and surfaces
  • Save Money - Chemicals work more efficiently in balanced water conditions
  • Swimming Pool Winterizing
    Come into Presto Pools at the end of your swimming pool season to get all that is needed to properly winterize you pool so you wonít have any costly problems in the spring.

    • Winter Covers
    • Water Bags
    • Yard Guard Safety Covers
    • Winterizing plugs
    • Items to protect your skimmer and lines from cracking
    • BioGuard Hibernate Winterizing Chemicals 
    Spa Products
    Presto Pools has many products that will add to the enjoyment of relaxing in your spa.
    • Cleaning Supplies
    • Fragrances
    • Aroma Therapy
    • Floating Sensation Lights and Candles
    • Filters
    • Quick Drain/Quick Vacs
    • Spa Covers
    Add to the fun of you familyís swimming pool with our huge selections of toys and leisure products.
    • Swim Trainers
    • Inflatables
    • Floating Lounges
    • Pool Toys & Games
    • Swim masks/snorkels/ goggles
    Backyard Living

    Why not add to the enjoyment of your backyard with some great BBQ ideas?

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